Photo Shoots

Alien conspiracy: Trend or Obsession?

Jan 22
9:36 pm

Hello tumbl town. It’s been a long time ‘tween. I’ve been doing a lot of events lately and have neglected to post anything here. I was building my blog on my photography site, but got distracted so it still isn’t live. I have been doing a lot of photo manipulation lately. Most of it just sits on my computer and gives me a laugh now and then. I do notice a theme trending. My fascination with space and alien life forms has definitely made its way into my work. Here are just a few examples of what will probably be a recurring theme.

Close encounter of the first kind. Epic jam session is halted by an unlikely observer.

Close encounter of the second kind. Our visitors are a bit more curious this time around.

Close encounter of the third kind. Their work in alien human hybridization is quite advanced these days. One can only imagine what the future holds.

Fast and Ridiculous: Compositing Ever After

Aug 19
9:35 pm

Those who know me, know I love to mess around with my photos. Most of them never get posted up anywhere, and most of them are usually just to make me laugh. Lately, I’ve been thinking of taking this a bit more seriously (or as close to serious as I can realistically come) and decided I want to develop a portfolio of my quirky images to be used as ad campaigns.

I messaged my cousin a last week and asked if he wanted to help me with a car test-shoot. I never really photographed cars before, so I thought I would give it a try before I took up a project for a body shop. My cousin has a few cars he was fixing up so I thought he might want to have them model for me.

We took his blue Toyota out and shot a couple on the east side. I just set up some lights and took some different shots. Of course, whenever me and my cousin get together, things can get pretty random. So, I ended up with the image below.

Larger version here:

My original idea was to add my cat into the image and make it look like was holding him on a leash. He’s always has these incredible leaps when he plays “string,” but as expected, he was camera shy. So, I opted for my best Harry Potter impression instead.

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