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Shocking Shoot

Jul 21
1:35 pm


Jul 08
7:48 pm

Had another great shoot with Danielle. This time we were shooting for an “Americana” themed photo challenge.  The plan was to get together a week before the due date to get the outfit together and test shoot at some locations. But, as things tend to go, this came down to the wire and we had to put most of this together day of. Since their were no male models available, I thought it would be fun to dip into Danielle’s masculine persona, and of course she was all in.

People Of The Sun

Jun 18
2:38 am

Private Property II

Jun 12
12:21 pm

Brianna Young

May 24
12:28 pm

I had a great shoot with Brianna last weekend. I am editing some of the photos and thought I’d throw up a quick post.

Another Older Photo

May 08
12:57 pm

Was organize my archived photos again and came across this old set from a few years ago. I think this was my first time using a backdrop. I set up in a garage and Juliane came out to do what she does. Disregard the leg in the background. Haha.

Photo Challenge

May 04
11:02 am

This is a photo I submitted to a group photo challenge. The theme was loosely fashion and we had to use natural light only and no photo shopping.

A couple of new edits

Apr 17
12:55 am

Above: Taylor modeling the No Image briefcase.

Above: An edited photo of Sarah from a 2010 photo shoot. Removed the chair and did some other edits. Also included the new glowing logo.


Apr 13
2:05 am

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