Throwback Wednesday

Aug 19
11:19 pm

Throw Back Wednesdsy – @gabsalom #2013 #noimagephotography

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Adding Motion To An Old Image

Aug 06
4:49 am

Test 2. Seeing if this comes out sharper or not.

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Time After Time

May 22
2:43 am

I am taking a moment to dust off the spider webs that have been gathering around this blog. So, what’s going on? How are you? What have you been up to? Things have been pretty busy over here. I’ve been working hard trying to push Project Oh! Magazine forward. Everything has been going very well and I am excited to be able to connect some of our artists locally. Aside from putting the magazine together, I contribute here and there where ads are need or other random bits here and there. The rest of the magazine is made up of awesome work by awesome talent. We are just released issue #3 and are working on putting together issue #4. Aside from that I have been doing a few photo series that I will put together in the future either as a post or a publication. I’ve been booking more band shoots that should let me play around with some more conceptual work. I will try to post some of those once they are done. In other news, we are expanding the studio here which will give us a lot more space to work with. I am pretty excited about that. We will be able to fit more people in and start working more on backgrounds and possibly small sets. I suppose that is all I have to talk about for now. I will try to check in more often with updates, but I am weary of making any promises.

Slowly but Surely

Sep 01
4:16 pm

It is about that time to check in again. I made the switch over to my 2012 website build almost in time for 2013. I guess it is better late than never. Now it is just a matter of getting the content populated the way I would like it. It seems like I never have the time, but as I get a few moments here and there I am updating things throughout the site. I am excited to start offering t-shirts and publications. Basically, the publication is just a 60 page magazine of my past work. I still have a few minor adjustments before I make those links live.

Another big development is the acquisition of studio space. I’ve never had a designated photo spot, so I am excited to develop this as well and see where things go from there. I still have some legal issues to sort out and some more equipment to purchase before making the studio information more public. For now, I have had fun testing things and playing around in the space. More to come when time permits. Cheers 🙂

New Shirts Added

Jul 29
1:13 am

I just added some new T-Shirts to my CafePress shop. Click on the image of the shirt to see all No Image items. Once you get your shirt, don’t forget to send a picture 🙂

Mary N

Mar 20
1:07 am

I haven’t really gotten to this blog much lately, so I thought I’d post a little test here. I have my 2012 site 70% completed and I am looking forward to making that live. Until then, here are some photos of Mary 🙂

General Updates

Sep 29
7:53 pm

I finally had time to integrate my blog into this site. It’s nice to finally get that done. Now I can share things much easier. I’m hoping to write some articles and share more images with all who are interested. As of right now, I am busy with other projects. I am trying to get some money together to buy my new lights. I sold all but one in order to to upgrade to a more portable set up. I will be checking in more often, so keep an eye out.

Something old, something new

Jun 19
9:10 pm

Every once in a while I will go through some old photos and give them a new edit, or just post them somewhere. It’s like having new pictures, only they are old.

These two images come from the second part of a shoot I did with Kyleigh. It was totally random. I think we spent some time at Target looking for random props to use. For this part of the shoot I just decided to throw some duct tape in to match the bow. I could go for some more duct tape, but it was kind of fun.

So, I had come up with an idea to work together with a few other photographers. We were each going to take a scene from a popular story and create our own image to put in a series. The model I had chosen to work with sent me a text saying she was going to dye her hair and asked if that was a problem. Since the main point was for her to have blonde hair, I invited her over last minute to see if we could get anything done. It wasn’t really what I was going for, but the image was kind of interesting.

I think it was around Halloween that I spoke with Amber about doing a photo shoot. Amber was a friend of my good friend Brittany, and so Brittany came by towards the end of the shoot. I’m really not sure how we ended up in the bathroom, but I do recall all of us thinking it would be a good idea to wrap Amber up in toilet paper. The lighting was bad and I’m pretty certain I wasn’t in focus, but the image was kind of fun so I tried to clean it up a bit.

The Rozzes: Take 2, Ventura CA

Jun 15
8:51 pm

I took my little brother (his girlfriend and friend Matt) out to Ventura this Saturday for a gig. The venue was a little bar & grill called Take 2 off of Main ST. At first visit, it did not seem to be conducive to a performance by The Rozzes — walking in felt like a scene from a movie. You know, that scene where the main characters walk into the bar and all the regulars stop what they are doing to glue their eyes to the foreign visitors. We had an hour to kill so we went to the Ventura Mall to watch everything close down before heading back to the venue. This time the rest of the family had arrived and the crowed seemed to be a bit younger and more music-ready. The Rozzes put on another good show and then we headed back home. My little brother turned 20 on the ride back just after track 6 of the new Circa Survive Album.

The Rozzes performing live at Take 2 in Ventura, CA
Check out more photos from the show here

Things seem close

Sep 19
7:50 pm

I have added it to my calendar to update this blog at least once a week. It’s hard for me to keep track of everything. The past couple of weeks have been great. I have been helping some new photographers out with some photo shoots, and met some new people at a recent group photo shoot. It’s all been about networking lately. I have two larger projects in the planning stages; they are almost ready to go. I would talk more about them, but my ideas tend to get copied before I have a chance to do them. I will check back in later this week with more information, and possibly more photos! Here is a photo of some of the photographers from the last group photo shoot:


I am there in the black beanie and white shoes. This photo was taken by the host, Debora Connors.

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