Time After Time

I am taking a moment to dust off the spider webs that have been gathering around this blog. So, what’s going on? How are you? What have you been up to? Things have been pretty busy over here. I’ve been working hard trying to push Project Oh! Magazine forward. Everything has been going very well and I am excited to be able to connect some of our artists locally. Aside from putting the magazine together, I contribute here and there where ads are need or other random bits here and there. The rest of the magazine is made up of awesome work by awesome talent. We are just released issue #3 and are working on putting together issue #4. Aside from that I have been doing a few photo series that I will put together in the future either as a post or a publication. I’ve been booking more band shoots that should let me play around with some more conceptual work. I will try to post some of those once they are done. In other news, we are expanding the studio here which will give us a lot more space to work with. I am pretty excited about that. We will be able to fit more people in and start working more on backgrounds and possibly small sets. I suppose that is all I have to talk about for now. I will try to check in more often with updates, but I am weary of making any promises.


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