Napi Designs Photo Shoot

So, me and Nichole had been wanting to collaborate again ever since our last photo shoot for the Bakotopia News Years cover. We’ve had several things planned that fell through for various reasons before she moved to Santa Barbara. So, once the new year rolled around again, we decided to make a better effort to get things done. We finally set a shoot date at the end of March and were all set and ready to go. That was until a crazy storm decided to roll through and flood everyone out. Fortunately, we had better luck a week later and had some fun. Here are some of the images that I put together. All of the outfits were create by Nichole. You can check out more of her work at

Photos by Jeremy Gonzalez (No Image Photography)
Clothes by Nichole Patino (Nap Designs)
Model Heather Berhosky (Antietam)


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