The Desert

Dec 08
2:57 pm

The Desert

This is another edit from the Halloween shoot I did, only I changed the concept.

Halloween Shoot

Oct 31
12:55 pm

This image was one of the shots I took from a Halloween inspired photo shoot. Unfortunately, it got dark before we could really get going on the original concept, so we did a little improvisation. The original concept is a little more involved and will hopefully pan out for a later post.

Garage Island

Oct 09
6:02 am

This is one of the shots from my promo shoot with Garage Island as port of a package with Rocket Ship Recording Studio.

General Updates

Sep 29
7:53 pm

I finally had time to integrate my blog into this site. It’s nice to finally get that done. Now I can share things much easier. I’m hoping to write some articles and share more images with all who are interested. As of right now, I am busy with other projects. I am trying to get some money together to buy my new lights. I sold all but one in order to to upgrade to a more portable set up. I will be checking in more often, so keep an eye out.

Rainy Day

Sep 19
9:19 am

Here is an edit from a shoot I did with a friend of mine in May. I had a lot of fun putting this one together and it is right in line with the style I am trying to focus on as of late.

04/30/11 – Festival of Beers

Apr 30
2:18 am

Napi Designs Photo Shoot

Apr 11
9:38 pm

So, me and Nichole had been wanting to collaborate again ever since our last photo shoot for the Bakotopia News Years cover. We’ve had several things planned that fell through for various reasons before she moved to Santa Barbara. So, once the new year rolled around again, we decided to make a better effort to get things done. We finally set a shoot date at the end of March and were all set and ready to go. That was until a crazy storm decided to roll through and flood everyone out. Fortunately, we had better luck a week later and had some fun. Here are some of the images that I put together. All of the outfits were create by Nichole. You can check out more of her work at www.napidesigns.com

Photos by Jeremy Gonzalez (No Image Photography)
Clothes by Nichole Patino (Nap Designs)
Model Heather Berhosky (Antietam)

3/18/11 – Shamrock Shindig

Mar 18
8:33 pm

The Ease Photo Session

Feb 03
12:13 pm

Alien conspiracy: Trend or Obsession?

Jan 22
9:36 pm

Hello tumbl town. It’s been a long time ‘tween. I’ve been doing a lot of events lately and have neglected to post anything here. I was building my blog on my photography site, but got distracted so it still isn’t live. I have been doing a lot of photo manipulation lately. Most of it just sits on my computer and gives me a laugh now and then. I do notice a theme trending. My fascination with space and alien life forms has definitely made its way into my work. Here are just a few examples of what will probably be a recurring theme.

Close encounter of the first kind. Epic jam session is halted by an unlikely observer.

Close encounter of the second kind. Our visitors are a bit more curious this time around.

Close encounter of the third kind. Their work in alien human hybridization is quite advanced these days. One can only imagine what the future holds.