Slow couple of weeks, new image posted…

So. Not too much going on lately. I still need to post the Korn photos, but I was waiting for Bakotopia to use them first. I will probably post a few next week. In the meantime I have just been moving from the office (my day job) to work from home. Business is slow and my boss is trying to cut costs. So I am officially in this new arrangement, and as settled as I can be. The bad news is I won’t be getting paid full time and my hours will depend entirely on projects he can get. The good news is that it frees me up to do other stuff like photography.

I am hoping to get more of my own projects going; that was the reason for picking up a camera in the first place. I came into photography through the graphic design door. It wasn’t until later that I was concerned about getting a good, clean photograph. Now I have all these tools and willing participants available for use. So, I’m hoping to get back into the fun stuff.

The image below is one of my latest projects. The concept was just to shoot people individually and come up with different scenes in post production. Basically, I am working on composite images. My always helpful friend Juliane came over to help me with this first attempt. I liked this one of her reaching, so I got the idea for the floating text. I placed her in an image that I had shot a while back and left in the original texture because it gave it an odd, not-quite-set-not-quite-real feel. I used a moon texture in the background, because I love introducing celestial bodies into ordinary photos. Then, I painted in the stars and some flying saucers. The abductees are copies of my cat Orion.

Click the image above to see it on Facebook. It is always nice to get feedback on my projects.


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