The Rozzes: Take 2, Ventura CA

I took my little brother (his girlfriend and friend Matt) out to Ventura this Saturday for a gig. The venue was a little bar & grill called Take 2 off of Main ST. At first visit, it did not seem to be conducive to a performance by The Rozzes — walking in felt like a scene from a movie. You know, that scene where the main characters walk into the bar and all the regulars stop what they are doing to glue their eyes to the foreign visitors. We had an hour to kill so we went to the Ventura Mall to watch everything close down before heading back to the venue. This time the rest of the family had arrived and the crowed seemed to be a bit younger and more music-ready. The Rozzes put on another good show and then we headed back home. My little brother turned 20 on the ride back just after track 6 of the new Circa Survive Album.

The Rozzes performing live at Take 2 in Ventura, CA
Check out more photos from the show here


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