Something old, something new

Every once in a while I will go through some old photos and give them a new edit, or just post them somewhere. It’s like having new pictures, only they are old.

These two images come from the second part of a shoot I did with Kyleigh. It was totally random. I think we spent some time at Target looking for random props to use. For this part of the shoot I just decided to throw some duct tape in to match the bow. I could go for some more duct tape, but it was kind of fun.

So, I had come up with an idea to work together with a few other photographers. We were each going to take a scene from a popular story and create our own image to put in a series. The model I had chosen to work with sent me a text saying she was going to dye her hair and asked if that was a problem. Since the main point was for her to have blonde hair, I invited her over last minute to see if we could get anything done. It wasn’t really what I was going for, but the image was kind of interesting.

I think it was around Halloween that I spoke with Amber about doing a photo shoot. Amber was a friend of my good friend Brittany, and so Brittany came by towards the end of the shoot. I’m really not sure how we ended up in the bathroom, but I do recall all of us thinking it would be a good idea to wrap Amber up in toilet paper. The lighting was bad and I’m pretty certain I wasn’t in focus, but the image was kind of fun so I tried to clean it up a bit.


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