Rockin’ Roots Fest 2010

Well, Bakersfieldfield is heating up, and that usually means it’s time to find different ways to cool off. Unfortunately, for those attending Rockin’ Roots fest 2010 at Stramler Park, this was no easy task. Saturday had turned out to be a lazy day for me and I didn’t make my way out to the grounds until about 6pm. When I did finally get there, I was immediately starting to sweat. There were a ton of bands. It took me a while to get all the stages mapped out. There was everything from screaming, to auto-tune. I tried to snap as many quick shots as I could from all the different stages, but I ended the night at the main stage with Hyper Crush and Mickey Avalon. I ran into Hyper Crush backstage and they were pretty nice and even accommodated me for a quick photo.

Backstage with Hyper Crush

Mickey Avalon

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