Busy weekend

It is odd when a Monday back at work feels more like a rest than the entire previous weekend. Such is the case, but as exhausting as it was, it was equally as fun.  I took some live shots for local band Age of Trinity as well as some promo shots, experienced my first media access at Rabobank Arena for the Paramore show (thanks to Matt and Bakotopia.com), and had a fun photo shoot with Tiffany under a bridge—Underbridge seems like it could actually be someone’s last name. Many of these photos will be public soon on one of my various, over-neglected sharing outlets (Paramore photos might be seen in the Bakersfield Californian).  I will be postings links soon. But here is a preview for now.

Paramore @ Rabobank

Fun performing at Rabobank

Tiffany chilling under the bridge after being ogled by passersby.


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