Fast and Ridiculous: Compositing Ever After

Aug 19
9:35 pm

Those who know me, know I love to mess around with my photos. Most of them never get posted up anywhere, and most of them are usually just to make me laugh. Lately, I’ve been thinking of taking this a bit more seriously (or as close to serious as I can realistically come) and decided I want to develop a portfolio of my quirky images to be used as ad campaigns.

I messaged my cousin a last week and asked if he wanted to help me with a car test-shoot. I never really photographed cars before, so I thought I would give it a try before I took up a project for a body shop. My cousin has a few cars he was fixing up so I thought he might want to have them model for me.

We took his blue Toyota out and shot a couple on the east side. I just set up some lights and took some different shots. Of course, whenever me and my cousin get together, things can get pretty random. So, I ended up with the image below.

Larger version here: http://www.noimagephotography.com/hit-and-run.php

My original idea was to add my cat into the image and make it look like was holding him on a leash. He’s always has these incredible leaps when he plays “string,” but as expected, he was camera shy. So, I opted for my best Harry Potter impression instead.

Circa Survival of the Fittest

Aug 04
9:31 pm

The first time I witnessed a Circa show was a few years back when they came to the Montgomery World Plaza here in Bakersfield. My brother Jacob and my friend Jessica were both fans so I decided I would go check out the show. Once they hit the stage the crowd went nuts. The show stopped a dozen times just so Anthony Green could instruct the audience to “get the fuck back!” So, when I heard they were going to play a drastically smaller venue, Jerry’s Pizza, I knew it was going to be crazy. So, when it came to the day of the show, I still wasn’t sure how it was going to work but I grabbed my camera and headed out to the venue.

Circa fans wrapping around the block before the doors opened

Oh Brother – Sound check

Dear Hunter guitarist manipulating some pedals

Anthony Green gets the packed crowd riled up.

Stage starts to disappear and security does it’s best to control the crowd.

More photos:

Bakotopia.com – Seen on the Scene | Matt Munoz’ Weekly Lowdown
No Image Photography – Event Photos

Event access courtesy of Bakotopia.com

Slow couple of weeks, new image posted…

Jul 03
8:54 pm

So. Not too much going on lately. I still need to post the Korn photos, but I was waiting for Bakotopia to use them first. I will probably post a few next week. In the meantime I have just been moving from the office (my day job) to work from home. Business is slow and my boss is trying to cut costs. So I am officially in this new arrangement, and as settled as I can be. The bad news is I won’t be getting paid full time and my hours will depend entirely on projects he can get. The good news is that it frees me up to do other stuff like photography.

I am hoping to get more of my own projects going; that was the reason for picking up a camera in the first place. I came into photography through the graphic design door. It wasn’t until later that I was concerned about getting a good, clean photograph. Now I have all these tools and willing participants available for use. So, I’m hoping to get back into the fun stuff.

The image below is one of my latest projects. The concept was just to shoot people individually and come up with different scenes in post production. Basically, I am working on composite images. My always helpful friend Juliane came over to help me with this first attempt. I liked this one of her reaching, so I got the idea for the floating text. I placed her in an image that I had shot a while back and left in the original texture because it gave it an odd, not-quite-set-not-quite-real feel. I used a moon texture in the background, because I love introducing celestial bodies into ordinary photos. Then, I painted in the stars and some flying saucers. The abductees are copies of my cat Orion.

Click the image above to see it on Facebook. It is always nice to get feedback on my projects.

Something old, something new

Jun 19
9:10 pm

Every once in a while I will go through some old photos and give them a new edit, or just post them somewhere. It’s like having new pictures, only they are old.

These two images come from the second part of a shoot I did with Kyleigh. It was totally random. I think we spent some time at Target looking for random props to use. For this part of the shoot I just decided to throw some duct tape in to match the bow. I could go for some more duct tape, but it was kind of fun.

So, I had come up with an idea to work together with a few other photographers. We were each going to take a scene from a popular story and create our own image to put in a series. The model I had chosen to work with sent me a text saying she was going to dye her hair and asked if that was a problem. Since the main point was for her to have blonde hair, I invited her over last minute to see if we could get anything done. It wasn’t really what I was going for, but the image was kind of interesting.

I think it was around Halloween that I spoke with Amber about doing a photo shoot. Amber was a friend of my good friend Brittany, and so Brittany came by towards the end of the shoot. I’m really not sure how we ended up in the bathroom, but I do recall all of us thinking it would be a good idea to wrap Amber up in toilet paper. The lighting was bad and I’m pretty certain I wasn’t in focus, but the image was kind of fun so I tried to clean it up a bit.

The Rozzes: Take 2, Ventura CA

Jun 15
8:51 pm

I took my little brother (his girlfriend and friend Matt) out to Ventura this Saturday for a gig. The venue was a little bar & grill called Take 2 off of Main ST. At first visit, it did not seem to be conducive to a performance by The Rozzes — walking in felt like a scene from a movie. You know, that scene where the main characters walk into the bar and all the regulars stop what they are doing to glue their eyes to the foreign visitors. We had an hour to kill so we went to the Ventura Mall to watch everything close down before heading back to the venue. This time the rest of the family had arrived and the crowed seemed to be a bit younger and more music-ready. The Rozzes put on another good show and then we headed back home. My little brother turned 20 on the ride back just after track 6 of the new Circa Survive Album.

The Rozzes performing live at Take 2 in Ventura, CA
Check out more photos from the show here

Making the change real soon.

Jun 09
7:20 pm

I have my new site just about ready to go. It will be a much cleaner, simpler site…or at least I am hoping. I just have a couple more informative pages to finish up and then I can finally make the switch. For those who don’t know yet, all of my event photos are now located at events.noimagephotography.com

I am also playing around with my blog situation. I have been using tumblr to create some posts and you can find those here:

That’s it for now. Got to get back to work!

KRAB’s Free 4 All III

May 28
8:45 pm

Last Saturday (5/22) was KRAB’s 3rd Free 4 all concert at the Brighthouse Amphitheater in Riverwalk park. I originally thought the concert was starting around noon and I was stopping by to see if I could catch some action and maybe get some shots. Apparently, I showed up just in time to catch it from the beginning. The lineup included performances by: Neon Trees, Carney, Needtobreathe, Hawthorne Heights, and A Day to Remember.

Below is a little panorama of the view from the KRAB VIP tent.

More of my photos from the KRAB’s Free 4 all – includes photos seen in the 5/28 issue of Bakersfield Californian and The Bakotopia Lowdown 5-27-10

Battle of the Salons Week 2

May 21
8:41 pm

Last night I met up with my lovely assistant for a belated birthday dinner and to check out the Greek Week talent show at CSUB – my little brother was drumming it up for Kappa Sigma’s version of Batman. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera on me, but you can imagine the wackiness a bunch of college kids could come up with.

Once that was over, it was time to head downtown to check out Battle of the Salons at The Metro Gallery. The Lizbot (AKA my friend Liz) had to skip town, so she missed all the fun. I caught the second half of the previous week, so I made sure I got there early for the full event this time. I have to say, this week was even bigger and more exciting. The victors of the night were Le Chic and Atomic Kitten who will both advance to the second round. Below are just a few quick snaps from the night.

Busy weekend

May 17
8:37 pm

It is odd when a Monday back at work feels more like a rest than the entire previous weekend. Such is the case, but as exhausting as it was, it was equally as fun.  I took some live shots for local band Age of Trinity as well as some promo shots, experienced my first media access at Rabobank Arena for the Paramore show (thanks to Matt and Bakotopia.com), and had a fun photo shoot with Tiffany under a bridge—Underbridge seems like it could actually be someone’s last name. Many of these photos will be public soon on one of my various, over-neglected sharing outlets (Paramore photos might be seen in the Bakersfield Californian).  I will be postings links soon. But here is a preview for now.

Paramore @ Rabobank

Fun performing at Rabobank

Tiffany chilling under the bridge after being ogled by passersby.

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